Welcome to  Pandalur

Pandalur , A small City Situated  in  Nilgiri District , Tamil Nadu State of India  and its geographical coordinates are 11� 29' 0" North, 76� 20' 0" East with Altitude of 880 Meters and the time zone is UTC/GMT + 5:30. The township is surrounded by hills alongside to the Western Ghats.

 The area is  rich in flora and fauna , even tough  most of the area in the region is covered by Tea plantations  and the regions economy is based on the tea industry and  the tourism industry is yet to bloom. Even though the area is not a popular destination for tourists and travellers  its blessed with picturesque landscapes, beautifully  green carpeted tea gardens , crispy and clean air , mesmerizing beauty of vegetations, birds and wild life make this area unique from other locations. For many decades the nature is defaced by mankind, the deforestation caused by the English  mining industries followed by the  massive plantations, timber traders from  Malabar, aggressive growth of tea plantations after the arrival of Cylon refuges and the recent encroachment by the locals and big planters and increasing population are affected the balance of the nature  and this  led to a human-wildlife conflict ,habitat destruction and  increased wildlife fragmentation but still there are many part of the woods which remain untouched. There is a growing interest within the government and administrative agencies to preserve and protect the remaining resources seen these days.

 Wildlife is a major attraction in the location, a walk through the woods we can easily spot the rare and endemic Nilgiri Langur, Barking deer, Giant Malabar Squirrel and even common Sambar. Even with out getting into the deep forest area we can easily sport wide variety of birds like Red whisked bulbul, Magpie robin, honey eaters, Indian chats , Green Barbet, Wild mina, Woodpeckers, Jungle babblers and many more, but it need a little exploration and  adventure to see the real beauty of the forest and the other wild animals.

 Pandalur is the Headquarter of the Pandalur Taluk, and categorized as third grade municipality and set with  a small municipal business complex , Govt. Hospital , Court ,A new and huge Taluk Office, Electricity board office, Public Telephone exchange , Office of Deputy Sup. of Police, Revenue inspector’s office, Primary Schools, Higher secondary school and a Post office also the town having a number of shops , restaurants , nursing homes, pharmacies , private schools, banks, public telephone booths, petrol station, lodging, Automatic Teller Machines  and many other basic facilities in private sectors. Roadway is the only access to the location. A number of Govt. bus service are available form “Ooty” (69Km) which is the District headquarters and from nearest city“Gudalur” (23Km) , also few bus services available form cities like Calicut (110Km), Sulthan's Bathery (32Km), Coimbatore. The newly commissioned Malabar intercity transports services by the Kerala government are also reliable, public and private transportation available from Pandalur to the nearest villages of the taluk.



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