Golden soccer days

Posted by Admin on 10-01-2021 01:03:49 AM

In 70s and 80s Pandalur had golden soccer days. Regardless the age, caste, or community, the Yearly football tournament was a carnival for all pandalurians . The majority of the people gathered there as the regular audience ( The seasonal tickets were a big reputation and respect for many) . Many regular spectators from Mangorange, Thondialam, Attikunnu, and Devala area do an early roll-up of their regular routine to reach pandalur on time to witness the big game. The loudspeaker announcements, advertisements, and cinema songs were something exciting. The once-in-a-while “Vanitha Footbool” was real feast for the eyes of many of us ( the game was not important that day).
Pandalur Football team was very famous at that time and they played many countryside tournaments ( mainly in Malappuram , Waynaad district ) and won many trophies and shields. Nava Baratha Arts and Sports club had their club office on the first floor of the old “Kunjikkannan Textails” building later moved to their own building (somebody please comment on the building's current situation ).
Many elderly people’s like “Menon” had a big role in the old soccer culture.
The unhealthy part started in the Late 90s, as the people were focused on communal development and few nonsocial elements induced to the society start to look at the game ( mainly the annual tournament ) as a linguistic division ( Tamil, Malayalam ). The continued conflicts and turmoil made a permanent halt to the Famous Yearly football Tournament.

Photo Courtesy: Asafja for sharing the photo