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Afasja Jajy

Afasja Jajy – A native Nilagirian,born and brought up inNilgiris. He completed the schooling from St.Fransix Xavier Middle school and Govt. Higher secondary school Pandalur. From childhood he was actively involved in socio-cultural activities , who was the key member of then fame and influential “Big Boys” cultural society . AfasJa received his Diploma in Computer Technology from Department of Technical Education Govt of Tamil Nadu and Bachelor of Engineering from Bharathiar University, Coimbatore. Presently working as Middle East region’s Technology Manager for an American Based Hospitality company.

His unconditional love with Nilgiris and his native city of Pandaur made him to do search on herpast. Which led him to collect a good number of early publications and articles about Nilgiris.

The first version of the web site was launched in 2000 in the Yahoo GeoCities, in 2004 the www.Pandalur.com site was registered and a very primitive version was launched.From then the siteis continuously updated. Great effort and research was done to gather all the possible historical information about South East Nilgiris.

Chandrasekar S

Chandrasekar – Aphilanthropist who’s heart is full of love on nature, people and to Dravidian roots. Born and brought up in Nilgiris. Started his childhood in the picturesque Mangorage village near Pandalur. He completed schooling from St. Mary’s High School, Gudalur. He obtained the Bachelors& Masters in chemistry from Ramakrishna mission Vidyalaya, Coimbatore.

He started his professional career as research Chemist in Gujarat. Travelled across India, as a traveler he had great experiences on the cultural diversity of India which made him proud of his Dravidian roots and the Tamil Culture. Presently he is working in Saudi Arabia as a Research chemist for one of the world’s top Petrochemical company.

Expatriated from his homeland for a long time increasedhis melancholy of missing the great green nature and people, this strengthen his love and bond to Nilgiris and to his roots. Other than travelling hehave agreat passion on photography, most of his free time he deep dive in to History.

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